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As part of the European Money Week programme of activities organised by the Malta Bankers’ Association (MBA), some fifty Home Economics teachers participated in a morning Teachers’ Training Seminar entitled “Financial Literacy Education – New Developments”. This teacher professional development training was carried out in collaboration with the Home Economics Seminar Centre within the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes.

The training was aimed at updating the participants on new, fast-moving developments in various areas of financial services, and included presentations by bank personnel on “Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) – Towards safer and more competitive electronic payments”, “Digital Innovation in Payments”, and “Investments and Wealth Management”. Opening the seminar, Ms Lorraine Dimech Magrin, Education Officer, and Mr James Bonello, MBA Secretary General, pointed to the constant process of innovation being experienced in every sector, and emphasised that keeping up to date with this rapid change is essential for one’s knowledge and competences to remain relevant in such an environment.

The European Money Week, which is being held for the fourth year running, is a pan-European initiative of the European Banking Federation, aimed at promoting financial education and financial literacy amongst students and youths.


7 March 2018