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The Malta Bankers’ Association has received reports from a number of individuals in Malta who are being contacted telephonically by unknown persons who are clearly attempting to trick these individuals. The recipients of these phone calls are being told that following some Court ruling, they are entitled to receive a sum of €2,000 /€3,000 from the Malta Bankers’ Association as a refund of excessive bank charges previously levied by the banks on their customers. However, an advance payment of some €100 is being requested by the callers before such a “refund” can be effected.

The Malta Bankers’ Assocation would like to alert the general public that no such “refunds” are due, and that this is yet another attempted scam. As such, these phone calls should be ignored, and on no account should the recipients of such calls provide any personal information (bank account number, mobile phone number, etc.) to the callers.