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The Malta Bankers’ Association would like to inform bank customers to be on the alert for any unusual features or occurrences upon accessing and during the use of internet banking sessions.
The Association is aware that there have been attempts at tampering with online banking transactions. Although these transactions were immediately identified, resulting in no damage, internet banking users should immediately contact their bank if they notice any irregularity.
Banks in Malta have not made any changes to their internet banking or their security identification procedures.  Therefore, users who notice unfamiliar or repeated requests to input security codes should contact their bank without delay.
The local banking community strongly recommends that users regularly carry out anti-virus checks of their computers, and ensure that security patches are up-to-date.  Users should also ensure that their browsers display the clickable security- lock feature for the entire online banking session. In addition, users should use the latest versions of internet browsers whilst ensuring that anti-phishing features are not disabled.